The Leading Online Handbags Shopping Mall is fully owned by Sarah Asyraf Holdings Sdn. Bhd from Malaysia. We are pioneering e-commerce handbags across some of the fastest growing business in Asia by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad design of handbags and up to date design. is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offering – including multiple payment options and extensive customer service.

We are constantly expanding our handbag design range as well like recently the Premium and Limited Edition category. We offer the best selection of quality fashion handbags you’ll find anywhere all at your fingertips. Online shopping for handbags has never been this easy! Stay connected and stay tuned for new offers and deals we have from time to time. Remember, everyday is a shopping day for handbags on!

Last but not least, we want to emphasize that we’re more than just one of the Malaysia’s largest online ecommerce stores for handbags. It is our highest priority here at to create the best online shopping experience for every customer who love fashion handbags in Malaysia. So start your online shopping and remember if you have questions, just call, whatsapps or email us away.

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    • legacy says:

      Hi. Sarah here from Legacy Fashionista. Usually order will be process and ship after 1 day working day you make payment. Our items is ready stock and we will inform through email after the item shipped. Enjoy your shopping and thank you!

      Best regards,

      • legacy says:

        hai miss selamat petang

        terima kasih kerana membuat pembelian di website kami,
        ini tracking number j&t ya miss 630624167940

    • legacy says:

      Hi GD! Thanks for your interest! May i know how much bags you want to buy? Because the shipping costs is depends on how much item you buy. We suggest our customer from oversea to buy minimum 5pcs to save more on shipping. Just choose the item you want, fill in your address and our system will automatically calculate the shipping cost for you. Thank you and enjoy your shopping!

        • legacy says:

          hia miss,

          miss Tekan cart tu, pastu scroll ke bawah sampai jumpa ayat view cart.
          lepas itu tekan ayat view cart, nanti ada simbol pangkah dekat sebelah gambar miss tekan sahaja ya .


      Salam.saya lupa password.tetapi bila reset tiada emel pun dihantar.sudah byk kali saya buat.boleh bantu saya reset password.

      • legacy says:

        Wassalam. kami dah hantar kan kata laluan yang baru di email miss yang berdaftar ya. Terima kasih.

  1. reena.singh says:

    hi im trying to pay via debit card but i cant as message pops that delivery fees is not included.pls advise how to go n purchase my wish list

    • legacy says:

      hi Reena!
      Sarah here from Legacy Fashionista.
      May I know which payment method did you use? And can I know your shipping address? Thank you

    • legacy says:

      Hi Zaty!
      Thanks for your interest.
      For more details, kindly whatsapp us at +60143840401.

      Thank you so much.

      Best regards,

    • legacy says:

      Hi Zaty! Sarah here from Legacy Fashionista. Yes we do take agent from around the world. Kindly whatsapp us at +60143840401 for futher details. Thanks

  2. Trish says:

    Hie I’m New…in Zimbabwe ..

    How many months does it take for me to receive the order and
    The shipping costs also required minimum order

      • legacy says:

        Hi Trish. Sarah here from Legacy Fashionista. Yes we do shipping around the world. Usually the longest courier time that we have faced is one month which is courier to Norway. Courier to place that have more courier facility will take less time. May I know which place that you want to promote? Thank you.

  3. cr7_268 says:

    Hi, i placed my order n paid. What if i want to change the colour of the bag i ordered. Is it possible?

    • legacy says:

      Hello! You can whatsapps us at +60143840401 to change the color of the handbag. Just give the screenshot ID order number to our staff via whatsapp and they will reply it within 12 hours. Thank you.

    • legacy says:

      Hi! you can update your posting address at my account tab or you can contact us at 0143840401 to do it manually for you. thank you.

        • legacy says:

          Hi! After you make purchased, please email us as soon as possible to change the shipping from Ninja Van to Poslaju because we will do it manually upon request. Thanks.

    • legacy says:

      hi miss! miss dah buat bayaran ke? kalau dah buat bayaran, boleh whatsapps 0143840401 untuk bantuan perubahan jumlah beg ya. Terima kasih.

  4. 5knatasha says:

    Hi, I noticed my address isn’t full and would like to edit my shipping address. But I have already paid for my order, how do I do so?

    • legacy says:

      hi miss! Please whatsapps our customer support at +60143840401 to edit your shipping address. Thank you.

  5. Felicia Ganya says:

    The best choice ever😍😍1st buy still tak puas hati sbb suka tgk design yg cantik with affordable price.the next day skli lagi order siap ajak kawan join shopping buy 3 rm100.😘

    • legacy says:

      Thank you miss for your support! Jangan lupa follow ig kami Legacy Fashionista ya untuk dapatkan update2 beg terbaru nanti.

    • legacy says:

      Hi parcel dah pos semalam. Miss check tracking di website j&t terus ya, ini no tracking 630177131792.

  6. Nurul Hidayah says:

    Sy ada order.. Tp sy x leh nak track sy nye order..
    Camne ye? Sbb x de terima apa2 email confirmation order pon..

    • legacy says:

      hai miss, barang miss kita akan pos petang nie .Chek di website j&t ya. ini no tracking 630246102177

    • legacy says:

      hi miss,

      Can you give us your order number so we can check it for you? For fast reply please whatsapps our customer support at +60143840401. Thank you.

    • legacy says:

      hai Miss, thank you for your feedback. to get your tracking number please whatsapp admin at number 0143840401

  7. nrftmhz12 says:

    hi im new here! can i know how to clear out cart coz i add wrong item and i cannot find clear cart button :'(

  8. nrftmhz12 says:

    hi im new here! can i know how to clear out cart coz i add wrong item and i cannot find clear cart button :'(
    thank you

    • legacy says:

      hi miss! boleh whatsapps 0143840401 untuk bantuan ya. Kami akan bantu reset kan password miss dari pihak kami.

  9. Amalina says:

    Sy dh buat order melalui website tapi xdapat email notification email pm dlm acc dh deduct payment.bantu sy utk check order sy

  10. Amalina says:

    Sy dh buat order melalui website tapi xdapat email notification email pm dlm acc dh deduct payment.bantu sy utk check order sy blh whatsupp sy 0132544779

  11. Rose Amin says:

    Boleh check sya punya order 46204… Beg sya msh blm smpai lgi.. Tracking no pun mgkin salah sbb dah buat checking.. Tak de.. TQ

    • legacy says:

      Maaf miss ada order beg yuki yang berstatus preorder, mungkin mengambil masa 2 hingga 3 minggu lagi. Boleh whatsapps 0143840401 untuk pertukaran beg lain. Maaf atas segala kesulitan.

    • legacy says:

      hai miss selamat pagi.terima kasih kerana membuat pembelian di website kami.di sini saya sertakan nombor tracking j&t ekspress ya 630622159070

    • legacy says:

      hai miss
      maaf ya ivana sling bag dh sold out, yang ada color green, white and mustard sahaja

      thank you


    hye sis, can u check my bag?

    Payment Details
    Bill Name : Order No 48965
    Amount Paid : RM 45.00
    Payment Reference No : TP19142124095235605270322
    External Reference No: : 48965
    Bill URL :
    Date & Time : 26/03/2022 21:56:23
    Payment Method : FPX
    Status : Payment Approved

    Merchant Details

    Merchant’s Name : Sarah Asyraf Holdings Sdn Bhd
    Merchant’s Phone Number : 0143840401
    Merchant’s Email :

    • legacy says:

      Hai miss, oder miss kami sudah proced , kami akan pos out pacel miss esok petang ya .
      ini nombor tracking ABX LEG22288880348965,

      terima kasih

  13. nur farhana binti khamidi says:

    macam mana saya nak chek status barang saya ? dari 8 april sampai sekarang ? masih tiada tracking number di email ?

    • legacy says:

      Hi miss, saya sudah proced oder miss & pos out pada hari ini,
      ini nombor tracking abx miss ya LEG22089700449581.

      terima kasih

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